Wednesday, May 25, 2016 8:00 pm / Exhibitions / Installations / Live Music / Party


Socially (un)fit? Emotionally flawed? We’ve got you covered. Come to the Halfway House Party: A place for misfits and mayhem and a chance for you to connect with others who aren’t there quite yet.

Join us on the 25th of May at legendary Loophole in Neukölln to raise money for International People’s Theatre Berlin’s 2016 production, performed 17th-19th of June at Ambolatorium.

IPTB 15/16 CAST & CREW: Takumi Bansho, Roland Bull, Jamie Collier, Josie Davies, Thomas Farr, Irene Fernandez Ramos, Charlotte Hook, Alejandro Iglesias Jato, Heli Korhonen, Katri Kuusimäki, Cecile Marcand, Lauren Miller, Christian Müller, Alejandro Niklison, Inka-Charlotte Palm, Minna Partanen, Denis Safarik, Daniel Schnitzer, Jennifer Singer, Laura Stefanescu, Stella von Koskull, Zoltán Tóth


Thursday, May 26, 2016 9:00 pm / DJ's / Experimental / Live Music

XNAME live*


JANOSHI + [BI:KEI] visuals

xname (aka Eleonora Oreggia) is a conceptual electronic artist from Milan currently based in London. She makes performances and interactive installations.
Her live compositions transform light and other electromagnetic frequencies in sound waves through self built synthesizers and complex semi chaotic machines. The result is an hypnotic spectacle dominated by industrial and noise-techno frequencies.
In London she is associated with the Augmented Instruments Laboratory at Queen Mary University where she is developing electronic musical instruments within the Antennas & Electromagnetics Group. She is also the founder of Nebularosa, a record label promoting experimental electronic
music that challenges the established modes of music production.

SLOW SLOW LORIS is an experimental/avant-garde melodic noise-music duo based in Berlin, Germany; a collaboration of ANY and G6PD. Using voice and electronic devices, they reveal the melody within the discord. They just released their first SLOW SLOW LORIS album, -From Monster till Mourning- on Staaltape.…

Friday, May 27, 2016 10:00 pm / DJ's / Party

“Es ist nicht so, wie du denkst,
wenn du denkst, was ich denke,
was du denkst.
Denn das Denken
der Gedanken
ist ein denkenloses Denken.
Also denke
nicht gedacht zu haben.”

Scherzcookies aufgepasst!
Zauber, Täuschung, Verführung! Knallige Illusionen und neckische Gags, so weit die Glubschis reichen. Lass dich foppen! Furzkissen, Juckpulver und Kunstkot sind lustig.


Pick-up fartists vor die Tür, das ist unsre beste Kür.


Margaux Jerome – Live Production Show

I Kicked A Cloud Once

House und Disko Funk


Jokekekse watch out!
Magic, delusion, seduction! Boomy illusions and naughty Scherze, as far as the poppies reach. Let u fop! Fartpillows, itchpowder and artshit are funny.


Pick-up fartists in front of the door, this is our best cure.…

Saturday, May 28, 2016 8:00 pm / Arts

This is the future. This is the dystopian future. This is a totalitarian regime. This is propaganda. This is massive war. This is a human being with a perfectly normal life: a house, a job, respect for rules and trust to the government. This cannot change. This changes. This is the truth. This is torture. This is revolt. This is the future. .. the dystopian future. The future is now…

A composition of movement, video and sound in a Performance / Installation format.

Entry possible at any time during performance.




Created and performed by Despina Kapetanaki.

With the friendly support of the Theaterhaus Mitte and Loophole Berlin.…

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 8:00 pm / Live Music
Tuesday, June 7, 2016 8:30 pm / Experimental / Live Music

Duo: Joshua Weitzel (Guitar/Shamisen) + Eric Wong (Guitar)

Duo: Fang-yi Liu (Voice/Guan) + Olaf Hochherz (Electronics)


Joshua Weitzel was born in Kassel, Germany in 1989.
His work is work is based on deep exploration of dynamics and contrasting parameters such as stasis and progress, linear and spatial development, control and unexpectedness. He has worked with a number of internationally recognised artists, among them improvisers, composers, noise musicians, fine artists, filmmakers, dancers, poets and Jazzmen and has performed on various occasions across Europe, Israel and Japan.
Current projects are Duos with percussionist Dave Stockard, soprano Chie Nagai as well as the International Central German Noise Ensemble, gathering improvisers from the region of Kassel.
Apart from free improvisation he plays early Jazz with ResiDance Orchester Cassel and guitar in the Band of Eric Petzoldt. Joshua also organises a monthly concert series for experimental music in Kassel.


Eric Wong – Born 1981 in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Hong Kong, a guitarist and computer musician. Although he has taken some lessons at younger age, he is pretty much an autodidact. After spending years going between rock and electronic music, his current focuses are free improvisation and sound manipulation.

Currently based in Berlin, and has performed in Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Macau, USA, China, Poland, Switzerland, etc. Besides solo, other projects he is also involved include rock duo Meta Fog with Sascia Pellegrini patchworking pop culture montage, musical collective Stoic Strangers with Wilson Tsang plus other Hong Kong based musicians, improvisational guitar/piano duo Se Noh Te with Eunice Martins, D.N.A.N.D.N.A. with saxophonist Simon Rose, as well as working with many other artists across the globe.


Fang-yi Liu was born in Taiwan in 1986. He is concentrated in free style musical/ tonal improvisation. Also he re-mixes and edits sound recorded in the fields as demonstration works.

He mentioned two major points. First is about the human voice. The pronounce action from different races and cultures contained not only languages, but also the sound of out of languages, before languages, distortion and lapsing of languages, etc. Even the unestablished pronouncing still can bring the signal or context to the receivers. Second is about the environment sound or sound field. People are surrounded with sounds induced by every vital or mortal things. The problem of sensing or recognition environmental sound are his major projects. He tries to use any kind of materials or methods to approach these two topics.

He also created a Facebook group called Cochlea and try to introduce the musician from different fields to the new audiences. He hold several performances to promote new audio experience.

He has made a recording called “poor squirrel” in casette form with a noise music composer, Hung-Chang Ku.

He produced and broadcasted two hand-made recordings in CD form including “Koujie-Koujie” and “Bathroom Meteorology”.


Olaf Hochherz is a sound artist and researcher mostly performing with self build electronic instruments and …

Saturday, June 18, 2016 9:00 pm / DJ's / Experimental / Live Music / Party


Horacio Pollard delivers a nauseating yet ecstatic avalanche of disemboweling turbid-hits filled with foul slap bass,vaginal harmonicas and soporifically iconoclastic grooves – like the caustic fury of a cosmic flatulence suspended in the dead space of an erotic Kubrickian sci-fi nightmare.
His music is released on the Norwegian label Drid Machine, home to acts such as Noxagt, Sightings, Ultralyd, No balls & Staer.



Ratbag is also Aussie slang for Trouble maker or someone causing havok – When the word Ratbag is used its used in a non offence way.
My mates a real ratbag , we got kicked out because of his antics”



Industrial-Noise/Power-Electronics project Praying For Oblivion emerged from Buffalo,N.Y. in 1995.
Founded by Andrew Seal, Praying For Oblivion has taken on many different forms as a live performance and recording unit.

Live actions focus on darker ritual elements and loops, as well as vocals, augmented occasionally by synthesizers and scrap metals.



(Sistemi Audiofobici Burp / Jealousy Party)

For those who have no intention of dancing whatsoever yet can’t do without rhythm