Echo Chamber + Purgis live at the Loophole

We are glad to invite you to the debut concert of ECHO CHAMBER, the brand new trio made up by the masterminds behind the avant-electro-jazz label Aut Records. To pour some gasoline on the fire we invited to share the stage a band that under the name of PURGIS terrorised Berlin’s underground in the last couple of years .
A “not to be missed” event under many aspects!

ECHO CHAMBER is an instrumental trio formed by Davide Lorenzon, Michele Pedrazzi and Gianpaolo Camplese. The three musicians, already active in the experimental scene of Berlin, met through different projects and collaborations, often gravitating around the label Aut Records. Meeting as three foreigner in Berlin has a sort of ironic side (maybe a risk to build your own “echo chamber”?), but also an opportunity to rethink musical roots and sensitivity. The result is a jazz-influenced music, that finds its way among pulsating electronics, melodic statements and odd rhythms, that eludes “cliché chambers” and looks for new idioms.

PURGIS is a power violence trio made up by dancer Furu, Adam Goodwin on electrified double bass and Adrian David Krok on drums. A “no prisoners” band.

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